STEPS for Kids
Sensory Therapies, Education and Play Skills


STEPS for Kids supports child development by providing an array of services that includes therapeutic intervention, educational programs and opportunities for purposeful play.

Intervention Services

Intervention services are designed to improve functional skills for daily activities, promote self-confidence and remediate skill deficits in specific areas. Occupational Therapy is provided in a sensory rich environment with the "just right challenge" for each child. Learn more »

Educational Services

Educational services are designed to support academic performance skills, provide parent and caregiver training and increase community awareness and understanding. Handwriting assessment, tutoring and summer camps for children; Community and Professional Education Programs and Advocacy services are offered. Learn more »

Purposeful Play

Purposeful Play opportunities are designed to promote child development, enhance social interactions and parent/child interactions, and increase awareness of the importance of play in a child's life. Structured play groups are offered throughout the year and vary in focus. Learn more »

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