Consultation and Advocacy in Early Childhood Programs

STEPS for Kids supports children in all settings. We provide consultation and advocacy services for children in local daycare and early childhood programs, both public and private. Consultation and advocacy services can provide additional information to support the child’s success when current assessments, interventions or supports are not meeting the child’s needs.

Parents, childcare staff, and early childhood educators may request consultation services at any time.  Duration and frequency of services are determined based on needs and may be scheduled as a one-time consultation or an on-going service to provide continued assessment, recommendations and feedback for the child and staff.  Reasons for consultation may include challenging behaviors such as task avoidance or “meltdowns”, impairments in social functioning or difficulty with specific tasks.

Advocacy services may include consultation with observation of the child in the daycare or preschool setting and provide parents with resources and support for working with the schools to ensure their child’s success.  Advocacy services are structured to empower families and educate caregivers in the best interest of the child.

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