Handwriting Assessment & Tutoring

Certified in Handwriting Without Tears™, our staff can provide assessment of handwriting readiness and handwriting proficiency skills with a skill specific evaluation to assist parents and teachers in supporting the child’s ability to meet age or grade level expectations. Handwriting Without Tears is a developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory approach for handwriting instruction. The Print Tool™ is a structured assessment of printing that helps identify specific areas of weakness for remediation.

Assessment is completed at the clinic and includes a full written report with specific recommendations for activities and accommodations to address the child’s unique needs. Follow up consultation and re-assessment is available to determine skill progress, ensure implementation of recommendations and accommodations and to assist parents/caregivers in responding to the child’s needs.

Tutoring is available in private sessions or small groups, depending on parent preference and student enrollment at the time. Handwriting tutoring is offered in half hour and hour long sessions, with time determined by the student’s needs and abilities. Frequency of sessions and duration of the program is variable, based on the child’s needs and goals for tutoring. Tutoring includes direct instruction and home activities with recommendations for accommodations and techniques to be used at home and/or school. Services are available for all students whether enrolled in public, private or home school.

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