The Right STEPS Community and Professional Education Program

As part of STEPS for Kids’ commitment to educating and empowering others, The Right STEPS Community and Professional Education Program provides parents and professionals with information about sensory processing disorder, child development, and related issues.  Our workshops are appropriate for both professionals and parents, available for staff inservices or parent meetings.

Educational programs are available on a variety of topics for professional staff and can be held at your facility or the STEPS for Kids clinic. Presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of your staff, from topic and depth of information to the length of the presentation.  We can provide a one hour introduction to a topic or provide in depth training through half day workshops.  Our goal is to make professional education fun and engaging while providing relevant information and useful tools for each audience.

Presentation topics include but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to Sensory Processing Differences and Disorders
  • Sensory Processing Foundations for Development and Learning
  • Sense-Able Strategies for Home and School
  • Is It Sensory or Is It Behavior?
  • Self-Regulation: Techniques and Strategies for Everyday
  • Supporting Executive Function For Success
  • Handwriting Readiness and Skill Development
  • Kids At Work: The Importance of Play
  • Sensationally Gifted: Giftedness and SPD

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Debra Johnson, MS, OTR/L is also a contracted provider of workshops through Summit Professional Education.

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