Our Philosophy

At STEPS for Kids we are passionate about providing high quality therapy services for children. Our therapists are all specialists in pediatrics with advanced training in the latest treatment techniques.  We value the family as the primary care providers and strive to empower parents and caregivers through understanding and support of each child for success.

All of our therapy services include individualized programs based on comprehensive assessments of the child using a combination of standardized assessments, clinical observations, interviews and record reviews.  It is always our goal to fully understand the child in the context of the family and community, focusing on strengths to support developmental needs. Our strengths based approach is based on the belief that all children can succeed when they are provided with the “just right challenge” for skill development and the right support, accommodations and understanding within their home and community.

We encourage families to be an active part of the therapy process and welcome participation in therapy sessions when appropriate.  Successful therapy outcomes are reliant on not only the skill of the therapist in treating the child but also on the education and empowerment of the family for implementing changes that positively impact the child in every setting.

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