Mental Health/Counseling

Counseling services provide children and their families with support for managing emotions, navigating relationships and building coping skills for every day. Children with special needs face unique challenges in developing the skills for self-regulation, understanding and expressing their emotions and connecting with others. Parents face unique challenges in understanding their child’s needs and gaining skills to support their children effectively. Our counselors guide children and their families toward positive and rewarding relationships while supporting the outcomes of all the therapy services that the child receives. Collaboration with other providers and assisting with access to support services and resources are important parts of our mental health services.

Counseling services include individual sessions, parent education and counseling, groups for skill development and practice, and consultation with other staff members to support therapy holistically. Our services include a variety of approaches including, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), play based therapy and trauma informed care, that focus on guiding and empowering children and their families. Counseling services are available based on the needs of each individual and family, with some services limited to one or two appointments and other times being on-going regular services. Our goal is to provide the flexibility and support that each family needs for emotional well-being and success. STEPS for Kids offers a free 30-minute parent only consultation with a mental health counselor as an option for parents to explore how these services might benefit them and their child. Further, these services are available in person and via teletherapy when appropriate or needed.

Children may benefit from counseling services when they are struggling with adjustment, learning, behavior, and relationships due to anxiety, autism, sensory processing disorder, trauma, and complex medical conditions. Indicators that a child might benefit from counseling services include:


  • Persistent feelings of hopelessness or sadness
  • Constant anger and/or a tendency to overreact to situations
  • Persistent worry, anxiety, or fearfulness
  •  Preoccupation with physical illness or their own appearance
  • Fear that someone is controlling their mind or that they are “out of control”
  • A sudden, unexplained drop in grades at school
  • A loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed
  • Changes in patterns of sleeping or eating
  • Reclusiveness, preferring to be alone rather than in the company of friends or family
  •  Hearing voices that aren’t there
  • Expressing thoughts of suicide
  • An inability to concentrate, think clearly, or make decisions
  •  An inability to sit still
  • Performing routines obsessively throughout the day
  • Experiencing regular nightmares

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