Teletherapy refers to therapeutic services delivered via live teleconference. Our therapists use a HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform to provide the same services that your child would receive in the clinic. This method of delivering services is provided by STEPS for Kids staff as a way to increase the accessibility of therapy services for all our clients. To access teletherapy, families only need an internet connection and device with a camera and microphone.

Services performed via teletherapy include mental health counseling, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and even physical therapy services, with evaluations, consultations, parent coaching, family support, and on-going treatment provided. In many instances, use of teletherapy can actually enhance therapy outcomes through increased family and caregiver support, education and participation. Services may be intermittent or on-going with regular appointments based on the needs of the child and family. While many health insurance plans cover teletherapy services, we offer a sliding scale for private pay options when insurance does not cover the cost of teletherapy.

Teletherapy may be appropriate when the child or family has any of the following needs or concerns:


  • Distance from the clinic makes physical attendance difficult or impractical
  • Work or school schedules prohibit attendance during regular business hours
  •  Illness or medical issues increase health risks when in physical attendance
  • Parents/caregivers are unable to be in attendance at the clinic due to schedules
  • Children would benefit from teachers, daycare providers or other caregivers participating in the sessions
  • The child is not able to attend therapy due to transportation, illness or other intermittent situations
  • The child suffers from anxiety or other mental health conditions that make in person attendance difficult
  • Family does not have or cannot afford consistent transportation to the clinic
  • Consultation or family education is desired without the child present or with multiple family members in attendance simultaneously

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