Speech & Language Therapy

​Speech and language therapy helps children communicate and interact with others throughout their day and in all settings. Our speech-language pathologists (SLPs or speech therapists) provide services that address speech production, language skills, cognitive and social skills. Using play-based and age appropriate activities, our speech therapists work with children to enhance articulation, improve receptive or expressive language and enhance pragmatic use of language for social interaction and learning. Our speech therapists also address oral motor skills and feeding issues.

Speech therapy might include playing games, having conversations, practicing sound productions, oral motor exercises or engaging in social and play activities. Treatment always focuses on functional goals that improve the quality of the child’s communication and interactions with others and enhances the child’s ability to engage with the world around them. Home exercises and activities are provided to increase skills and foster skill carry-over into the home and community.

Speech and language therapy
Children who benefit from speech therapy include children of all ages who have articulation disorders, stuttering, voice disorders, language delays, Autism, auditory processing disorders, verbal or oral apraxia, and developmental disorders such as Down Syndrome or cleft palate. Speech therapy may be appropriate for your child if they exhibit any of the following:


  • Is not babbling and is over 6 months old
  • Is under 1 year of age and not responding to or making sounds
  • Is over 1 year old and not producing any words
  • Is speaking but difficult to understand by family or strangers
  • Doesn’t seem to understand what is said to them
  • Has an unusual voice
  • Is frustrated when others don’t understand their communication
  • Has difficulty playing in groups or with peers
  • Has difficulty putting thoughts into words
  • Responds slowly to questions or directions
  • Appears to ignore directions or does not follow them correctly
  • Has difficulty completing multi-step tasks
  • Often repeats words or phrases, either their own or those of others
  • Difficulty with eye contact and social interactions

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