Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) services help children who have orthopedic, neuromuscular, skeletal, congenital, or developmental disorders that impact movement and mobility. The goal of PT is to restore and/or enhance movement, strength, and flexibility, and to enable children to participate in age appropriate physical activities including mobility, play, self-care, and all activities in the home and community whether physical skills are affected by developmental disorders, illness, or injury.

Physical therapy uses a variety of handling techniques, play based activities, sensory motor experiences, and parent/caregiver education to achieve goals for movement, participation, and management of physical conditions. Our therapists are skilled at using the child’s strengths and interests to motivate and engage in physical activities that support progress and outcomes. Whether using developmentally appropriate play activities, guided exercise, and skilled hands-on manipulation techniques, or instructing parents in individualized home programs, our physical therapy programs are designed for achieving positive outcomes that enhance functional performance in all activities.

Children who would benefit from PT services include those diagnosed with birth related injuries, congenital conditions such as Down Syndrome, CP, or Spina Bifida, or presenting with developmental delays in motor skills. Physical therapy may be indicated if the child exhibits any of the following:


  • Delays in achieving motor milestones such as rolling, crawling, or walking
  • Difficulty with movement through familiar settings, appearing unsafe or unstable
  • Poor motor coordination for age level activities
  • Fear or reluctance in navigating around new settings or on uneven surfaces
  • Poor balance or instability during movement
  • Stiffness, pain, or limited movement in joints and muscles
  • Muscular weakness
  • Postural disorders or asymmetry
  • Abnormal gait patterns
  • Difficulty participating in sports activities or physical exercise

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